Anokhi Collection

The spirit of Rajasthan flows through Amrapali London, and our desire to infuse the colours, traditions and essence of India with exciting contemporary jewellery designs is best seen in the... Anokhi collection of one-of-a-kind jewels. Cast your eye over these one-off creations and you will instantly be transported to the streets of Jaipur, where all of our jewellery is made by local artisans. Each piece picks up on a heritage craft or style used in traditional Indian jewellery, and melds it with modern aesthetics. This could be a beautifully carved coloured gemstone – an artform that has been passed down through generations of gem dealers of Jaipur. Many of the gems used in this collection are hard to find. They could be vintage stones, or very rare large cuts of gems such as spinel, emerald and sapphire. Rose-cut diamonds also feature strongly in Anokhi. This style of diamond cut is popular in traditional Eastern jewellery, and offers a softer, more subtle sparkle that looks especially beautiful in low lights and lends itself elegantly to larger carat sizes. As well as central stones, rose cuts have been used to create a delicate fringing effect that dances as you move. Though Anokhi is a celebration of tradition and heritage, these designs are adventurous and push boundaries. Unusual moi et toi gem combinations create striking cocktail rings, with large pear-shaped gems looped with bezels of tiny pearls. Floral flourishes, another important motif in Eastern jewellery, bloom through this striking curation of one-off masterpieces.



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