Rajasthan Collection

There is a beauty to be found in the unexpected. With asymmetric shapes and a kaleidoscope of polki diamonds and richly coloured gemstones, Rajasthan is a celebration of creative freedom.... Amrapali London’s most diverse jewellery collection was born of an artistic experiment. Founders Sameer Lilani and Tarang Arora had attended a David Bowie exhibition at the V&A Museum in London. What truly captured their imagination was the singer’s habit of cutting random words out of newspapers and arranging them into song lyrics. Could this be done with jewels, they wondered? Back in the vaults of Amrapali, the duo scattered jewel elements and gems at random, rearranging and reassembling them to arrive at unusual combinations. Flourishes from traditional Indian jewellery such as Meenakri, a technique of hand-engraving gold and filling the grooves with bright enamel, are balanced with simple bezel-set gems. Intricately carved gemstone drops swing within teardrop-shaped frames, while the hard lines of geometric jewels studded with glittering diamond pavé are softened by smooth curves. Organically shaped polki diamonds, smooth unfaceted stones prized for their soft sparkle, are an ideal fit for the rebellious spirit of this collection. So too are perfectly imperfect sapphires, rubies and emeralds, which are only enhanced by painterly inclusions. Set in gold, often blackened with rhodium plating to add depth and drama, these jewels are a joyous love letter to the myriad moods of the women who wear our jewellery, and perfectly capture the artistic spirit of Amrapali London.



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