Legend Collection

Legend is a meeting of two cultures: the romance of rose-cut diamonds, which emerged in India in the 1500s, and the effortlessly wearable minimalist jewellery design of today. In this pare... d-back collection – Amrapali’s most accessible line to date – beautiful rose-cut diamonds are framed in simple settings that allow their beauty to shine forth. The gems are set in rich yellow gold, with the stones gently held in place using the traditional Indian technique of kundan. By deftly using tiny sheets of gold, pressed in place by hand, our artisans create an illusion that the gem is simply floating above the gold, with no need for claws or prongs. Rose-cut diamonds have been enchanting jewellery lovers for centuries. From the workshops of India in the 16th century, the gems, which have fewer facets than round brilliants, would go on to find favour across the world. They proved particularly popular in Victorian times, prized for the soft sparkle they threw onto the skin of society women at candlelit dinners. Rose cuts have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, as once again their subtle, understated sparkle has tapped into the zeitgeist. The organically shaped rose-cut solitaires are given structure with geometric gold settings. Triangles, hexagons, circles, pears and squares compactly frame the diamond, which is then strung on delicate gold chains for bracelets and necklaces. Earrings in the collection are studs or simple drops. Designed to be worn every day, these versatile jewels offer a quiet luxury that will make them an instant classic you won’t ever want to take off.



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18K Yellow Gold Polki Diamond Ring


18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Half Eternity Legend Stacking Ring


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Legend Stacking Ring


18k Yellow Gold White Sapphire Legend Ring


Round Polki Diamond Legend Ring


Square Polki Diamond Legend Ring