Mukta Collection

This elegant fine jewellery collection takes its name from the Saskrit word muktā, which can be translated as pearls. These luminous gems of the ocean have been prized throughout the centuri... ies for their ability to light up the skin and bring radiance to those who wear them. Creamy white Akoya pearls, farmed in the ambient waters of Japan, are set in swirling formations on cocktail rings, or swing loose in graduated strands as earrings. Each individual pearl is hand selected for its perfect roundness and lustre. Our gem sorters painstakingly search the harvests to find just the right sizes to complete our Mukta designs – a trial of patience that can last weeks, or even years. Diamonds and pearls are natural bedfellows, creating a perfect symphony of brilliant fire and soft-glowing sheen. Our Mukta pearl jewels have been accented with round-brilliant diamond pavé and larger rose-cut diamonds, a flattering cut that offers broad swathes of soft sparkle. The diamonds in this collection have been set using an illusion setting, so that only the smallest amount of white gold is visible. This calls for great skill from Amrapali London’s artisans, who must train for many years to be able to create this technique, which makes diamonds appear as if they are floating. Mukta’s diamonds and pearls have been combined in contemporary formations inspired by nature. Clusters of budding blooms capture the beauty of flowers, while undulating patterns mimic the waters that once nurtured the oysters from which our precious pearls were plucked.



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